Read the moving letter from Ethel Kennedy, widow of Sen. Robert F Kennedy, to be read at Saturday's Delano Grape Strike event
We must use the only strength we have, the force of our numbers.
Yes we are! Join the Thunderclap Supporting the ‪#‎50thAnniversary‬ of the‪#‎DelanoGrapeStrike‬!
The 1965 Delano Grape Strike! Signing up workers at the Digorgio farms!
September 15: This day in UFW history
La Unión hace la fuerza. Together ‪#‎SiSePuede‬
"When You Sacrifice, You force others to Sacrifice. Its a Powerful Weapon."
La unión hace la fuerza! ‪#‎SiSePuede‬
The time has come for the liberation of the poor farm workers."
Respect! ‪#‎VivaCesarChavez‬
Our union was born out of our common suffering, our love for each other
This day in UFW history—September 8, 1965
What began 50 years ago produced many changes for farm workers. Let's continue to make a change towards positive change
Facing genuine oppression, the Delano Strikers were true pioneers! - Arturo Rodriguez
Whose hungry for justice?
This Day in UFW History - August 22, 1966:
Don't be afraid to go out and make a difference. It only takes one! Be the difference.
We have suffered! We are not afraid! Let's continue to win for a just cause.
It is time to take a stand and stand up and fight for our rights!
"We shall do it without violence because that is our destiny!"
El Malcriado Special Edition: Stories from the 1965 -1970 Delano Grape Strike
"We seek our basic, God-Given rights as human beings." Should it be to much to ask!?!?
We are NOT Slaves! We are NOT Animals! We are NOT Alone!!!
What do you think Cesar attributed this message too?