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Today in history: Cesar Chavez began his 25-day water-only fast in Delano, Calif. on Feb. 11, 1968
The 1965-1970 Delano Grape Strike and Boycott
Prayer of the Farm Workers' Struggle/Oracion del Campesino en la Lucha
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The Story of Cesar Chavez
Education of the Heart: Cesar Chavez in his own words
Tour of the "Forty Acres": Where Giants Walked (English & Spanish)
History of Si Se Puede
Organize A March For Cesar Chavez Day
UFW Chronology
The Fight In the Fields: Cesar Chavez and the farm worker struggle
Chavez Day 2007 Curriculum Guide - Elementary School
Chavez Day 2007 Curriculum Guide - Middle School
Chavez Day 2007 Curriculum Guide - High School
CA Department of Education Cesar Chavez Curriculum
UFW Successes Through the Years
The Rise of the UFW
Decorate Your Classroom For Cesar Chavez Day (UFW coloring book pages for elementary school)
UFW's Archive: Walter Reuther Labor Library, Wayne State University
Cesar Chavez's first major address after his 36-day 1988 fast over the pesticide poisoning of farm workers.
Cesar Chavez's Eulogy for Rufino Contreras: February 14, 1979 Calexico CA
Cesar Chavez laid out his vision for farm workers and Latinos in 1984 Commonwealth Club address
'This Tragedy Happened Because of Greed' Farm workers: UFW's founder spoke to the same issues 25 years ago as were raised by a 1999 van accident that killed 13