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DN! Activist Dolores Huerta, 80 - Stop Blaming Obama - Start Organizing WITH Him (13:09)
Video message from Pastor Perez re a Giumarra delegation 1:34
Mayor Castro grand marshal at Cesar Chavez March (San Antonio) 0:39
Thousands march in Dallas for immigration reform 1:48
SHAKIRA short talk, visit w/ kids in school 1:17
Gallup to Arizona: no more official business 2:16
Senate Majority Leader Reid & Democratic Members on Immigration Reform 33:49
University of Texas students gather for an immigration rally against the new Arizona immigration law 2:19
Ruby Ridge Farm Workers Speak Out About Human Rights Abuses 6:42
Students lead day of protest opposing SB1070 in Tucson, Arizona 0:29
Immigration Reform march in San Jose 4:26
The Brown Berets (New Mexico) 3:17
MS&E Cesar Chavez Day of Volunteerism 3:43
Coachella Students Celebrate Cesar Chavez 1:37
3rd Annual Cesar Chavez Day March San Diego, CA 3:01
UFW President Arturo Rodriguez speaks at Las Vegas immigration reform rally
UFW President Arturo Rodriguezs speech at March for America Immigration Reform Rally
Thousands Attend Immigration Rally in Las Vegas
Cesar Chavez Day Message from UFW President Arturo S. Rodriguez
3/31/10: Governor Quinn Hosts 7th Annual César Chávez Serve & Learn Program Breakfast 2:35
6th annual Cesar Chavez March at Texas A & M Kingsville 2:55
Cesar Chavez Day honored by Andersen School Kids 1:00
Cesar E. Chavez Inspiration 6:41
Tribute to Cesar Chavez - 3:37