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Holiday Message from UFW President Arturo S Rodriguez
Thanksgiving Message from Arturo S. Rodriguez, President United Farm Workers
Arturo Rodriguez -- Why We Need Unions More Than Ever
Harvesting Change (video)
Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Now Slideshow (video)
A 200 mile march by UFW ends in State Capitol (video)
UFW March to Modesto (video)
UFW March to Modesto (video)
UFW March to Modesto (video)
80+ Yr Old Farm Worker Marching 200 Miles to SAC TOWN
UFW 23 June Friday, Richard Chavez, on the North steps of the Capital
Richard Chavez Tells How The UFW Insignia was Designed
Slide Show Documents SB 104 Campaign in Sacramento
HD Call between Arturo S. Rodriguez UFW President and Governor Brown as SB 104 is vetoed
"Heat" (video)
SB104 being delivered to Gov. Brown (video)
Hundreds of farm workers come to Sacramento and ask Governor Brown to sign SB104 (video)
Over 1000 farm workers and supporters rally for SB104 (video)
Bon Appetit Mgmt Co and United Farm Workers Release Groundbreaking Farm Labor Report (video)
Hasta Sacramento 1966
Thousands Watch as UFW Supporters Drop 50-foot UFW Banner during Downtown Los Angeles Protest
Teen Farm Worker's Death Shows Need for More Protections - Parts 1 & 2
"Los Vendidos" -- one act play created in 1967 during the Grape Boycott. The play deals with Hispanic American stereotypes and addresses them with satire. (student production)
Arturo Rodriguez UFW -- "We Are One" Rally Los Angeles, March 26, 2011