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Today is Cesar Chavez Day. As we celebrate his birthday, please continue his legacy.

Today is Cesar Chavez Day.  As we celebrate his birthday, please continue his legacy.

Today we mark Cesar Chavez' March 31st birthday—an official holiday in eight states and dozens of cities and communities throughout the country. Cesar led a historic non-violent movement for farm worker rights. He dedicated himself to building a movement of poor working people that extended beyond the fields and into cities and towns across the nation. His courage inspired farm workers and millions of people who never worked on a farm to commit themselves to social, economic and civil rights activism.

Cesar's legacy continues to educate, inspire and empower people from all walks of life. We want to ask your help in ensuring the next generation learns about Cesar's extraordinary legacy.

Today as we celebrate Cesar Chavez day we want to ask you to take action and help.  Please consider doing any and all of the following:

  1. Attend an event/march in honor of Cesar.
    Click here to see our national calendar of events.

  2. Sign the online petition to make Cesar's March 31st birthday a national holiday. 

  3. If you've already signed the petition please forward it to at least 10 friends and family members and ask them to sign too.

  4. Click here to download and print a copy of the petition and ask friends and family to sign too. If you are attending a event or march please print out a few copies to take with you so you can gather even more signatures.

  5. Donate your Facebook/MySpace status.
    The following is our suggested status message that we are asking you to cut and paste into your status bar:
    YOUR NAME is celebrating Cesar Chavez' birthday today, March 31. Make it a national holiday. Sign the petition here:
    http://www.ufw.org/chavezholiday. Will you help?

  6. Help out in your own community, i.e: help out in a union campaign, help register or turn out voters, volunteer at a soup kitchen, help an elderly neighbor, volunteer at an animal shelter...

  7. Teach other people about Cesar's legacy—especially youth.  We have all sourts of resources for different ages at www.ufw.org/cesarchavez under the learn tab.

Viva Cesar Chavez!

The event you're attending isn't listed on our calendar? Please send us the information at ufwofamer@aol.com, so we can post it. 

Got Photos/Video of Chavez events? Please send  a link to your online photo album/video hosting site to ufwofamer@aol.com

FREE Cesar Chavez song. Download it today!
Check out this amazing Cesar Chavez song by Carlos Carmonay.

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release: 3/31/09


President Barack Obama today made the following statement to commemorate Cesar Chavez's birthday:

"Today, on what would have been his 82nd birthday, Cesar Chavez's legacy as an educator, environmentalist, and as a civil rights leader who struggled for fair treatment and fair wages for America's workers is important for every American to remember.

Having begun as a farmworker, Cesar Chavez eventually co-founded the United Farm Workers and struggled to provide hundreds of thousands of people with better working conditions and the chance to live a better life. The cause of fair treatment and fair wages for America’s workers lives on today through the work of countless others.

Chavez’s rallying cry, “Sí Se Puede” – “Yes We Can,” was more than a slogan, it was an expression of hope and a rejection of those who said farmworkers could not organize, and could not take on the growers. Through his courage, Cesar Chavez taught us that a single voice could change our country, and that together, we could make America a stronger, more just, and more prosperous nation.”

Become a
Supporting Member and continue Cesar's fight by helping sponsor a farm worker march.

Thousands of workers from all over California are marching for Cesar and at the same time give growers a message that they are ready to fight for their rights.

The UFW is trying to make sure as many farm workers as possible can join in. We need your support to pay for permits, flags, and organizers -- who can then follow up with the thousands of workers attending these events.

Will you help uphold Cesar's extraordinary legacy? 

"I personally invite you to participate and contribute to make possible all the marches that are going to be happening these coming months to honor our great leader Cesar E. Chavez and the farm workers."--Mushroom worker, Rogelio Lona

Through your support, we can celebrate "the dream of a better future" on Cesar Chavez Day...and every day of the year. Any amount you give will help to improve the lives of farm workers and their families!

Thank You and Viva Cesar Chavez!