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Farm workers express gratitude on Kris Kristofferson 80th birthday
Few entertainers have dedicated so much of their lives over a longer period of time to championing the farm workers than famed singer, songwriter, musician and actor Kris Kristofferson. Over five decades, Kris has consistently given his energy and time to the United Farm Workers by staging benefit concerts and performing at events as well as contributing his own resources to La Causa. A native of South Texas who grew up speaking Spanish among Latinos and who worked in the fields himself, Kris was a valued friend and ally of Cesar Chavez beginning in the 1970s. He introduced the farm workers to many of his colleagues and friends, and still wears around his neck a chain with the UFW black eagle symbol.
Most recently, Kris sang songs with the farm workers during the UFW’s 50th anniversary celebration of the Delano Grape Strike at the “Forty Acres” outside Delano and attended the Cesar Chavez Foundation annual gala in Los Angeles on Cesar’s birthday, March 31, 2016. Kris received the Cesar Chavez Legacy Award at the Chavez foundation annual event in 2015.
On his 80th birthday, the UFW joins so many of his loyal fans in wishing a happy birthday—and many more—to Kris Kristofferson. The farm workers are in his debt.